Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ummat Muhammad Part 247


Who and What really are the Muslims of Ummat Muhammad?


RossPoldark said...

IQ Al Rasooli, I hope I spelled this correctly. Do you have your recordings in Arabic? You see, I have been debating radical Islamist from Palestine on facebook, but their English is very limited. There is a profile of extreme vitriol and violence toward Israel. I have asked facebook to take it down but they will not. Perhaps in your busy schedule, you might post your recordings in that FB community. The community name is called "Fuck Israel." I would be most grateful. God bless.

Judgment Day said...

This is an email, not a comment.
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Kind Regards,

RossPoldark said...

Bernie, what is the point of your comment?

John Doe said...

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Bilal Akhtar said...
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Bilal Akhtar said...
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Bilal Akhtar said...

actully Palestine were tired from israeel and usa and united nations also quite from this so that is why is the reaction of them and i will suggest you to hear this.
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RossPoldark said...

Excellent web site on Islam and the Quran is It will shed the true light on what Islam really is ( the Beast with 7 heads who will carry the mark, and force all none Muslims to take the mark of the beast. In Islam, a number of honor is 666, which is the mark of the beast. I already know, as I studied Islam and the Quran. I suggest for all Christians, Jews, Westerners and Americans to have a look at the link above and read "The Coming," by John Daniels. It is spin chilling, of what Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood intend for the US, if we do not stop the infiltration of Islam in to every fiber and Government of the US.

. said...

in islam, muhammad even murdered allah. he said: in islam, allah no more speaks in islam, allah have no spirit. So. In islam, allah is dead! By who? By mohammad himself. No one can deny this. In fact, just outside islam, God Can Exists and be source of life.

. said...

Good work!


In fact, no muslim knows islam.

No one.

장성일 said...


장성일 said...


장성일 said...


Dear I.Q. al Rassooli

My name is Sung Ill Jang and I live in South Korea.

You are doing the very good job to resist the power of satan named Islam.

I have my own jihadwatch website in southkorea.

The URL is

I hope that I translate your book into my website.

I bought all of your books "Lifting the veil"(1.2.3)and have read all of them.

According to your request in Lifting the veil(lll) page XVii, if you don't mind, I want to translate your book into my website so our korean people can read your articles and know about Islam religion.

Of course, I will show your original sourse as foot note at every end of your article.

My E-mail is

I hope your answer.

scott grin said...

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Sozain Ellis said...

Islam Will Govern the World

Hanna said...

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Shamsa Farooq said...

Asalamualakum. You did select a good topic to discuss about Islam.
Check out my article regarding Learning Quran for kids JazakAllah khairan.

littlesnowcreek said...

Thank you for the insightful article. I know very little about Islam. So therefore I feel I have no right to object or to quantify anything. But I am very worried about the infiltration of the teachings of the Quran in our society. thank you for the education.

Sanmi Seriki said...

Good, this educative and revealing.